I just wanted to thank you all for the kind words. They mean alot in the face of this tragedy. However, this is the last time I will be logging onto Jazmine’s account. I am going to pass her log in information along to her friend erica, and she can decide what to do from there. 

Thank you again. 



I was asked by Jazmine’s mother to leave this post here. It seemed to be very important to her, so. Here I am.

Um. Jazmine passed away friday evening. It was, quick, she didn’t suffer. And. She is at peace now. I am sorry to any of you who loved her. Feel free to leave whatever you would like here. I won’t delete it. 

I don’t know what else to say. I am sorry. I am in shock.  

posted 2 years ago

Oops. I just came on here to let you all know Jazmine won’t be getting that cell phone time after all. I wont go into it, but let’s just say, one step forwards, two steps back. 

Also, my apologies to anyone I accidentally ‘unfollowed’, I have no idea how to work this thing and clicked things by accident. I think I fixed it, but if I didn’t, just let me know. She would kill me if she came home and found out I wrecked her profile on her.

I’ll try to let you all know when she’s allowed to talk. Thanks again for the messages, please keep them coming, its one of the two things making her smile.


posted 2 years ago

Hello again.

I just got home from a short visit with Jazmine. She is in better spirits today. She asked about you all, and I passed along the few messages you had for her. She wanted me to let you all know she’s sorry. 

The doctors have decided she will have 30 minutes of time with her cell phone tomorrow, so I am sure she will pop on here and talk to you all herself. 

Try to leave her more happy messages, because that’s what she needs right now. 



posted 2 years ago

To all of Jazmine’s friends on here, hello. This is her mother, Charlene. I wanted to come on here and let you all know that Jazmine wont be around for a while. She asked me to let you all know, as it seems she holds you all very near and dear to her heart. She attempted to take her own life last night, and was thankfully, unsuccessful. It has been a hard 16 hours in all of our lives, but she has now been institutionalized and is hopefully getting better. She was very adament that I come on here and tell you all that she loves you and will miss you and, I should quote her here at this point. 

"If it wasn’t for most of you, I would have attempted this alot sooner, and probabaly been successful. Thank you."

I would like to thank you all too. If you all gave her the friendship she obviously lacked here, I am greatful. 

I will keep you all posted as she lets me know. And if any of you have anything you would like me to get to her, just leave it in her inbox, I will pass anything along. 

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